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Why people with mental health issues make the best friends

Yes, we’re being flippant but we wanted to highlight that people can have a mental health issue and a sense of humour at the same time! It's a thing. Anyways, here's why we think people with mental health issues make the best friends….

  • They have the driest / darkest humour you can imagine


We’re not sure if it is gallows humour, or that laughter is a form of therapy but there is something about going through real emotional pain that gives way to deadpan comedic gold.
  • They have the best stories

Admittedly these stories are not always the easiest to hear and undoubtedly come with pain. However they are usually honest, raw and deeply human told with humility, humour and courage.

  • They will knock the sh*t out of your pity party

really doe meme

Try flippantly telling Sarah you want to kill yourself after your bad day at work, when she really has tried to take her own life and has the scars to prove it. Seriously, I dare you.

  • They are scarily compassionate

Turns out if you go through enough shit you end up being really compassionate and offer real care to those around you. It doesn’t really matter whether they understand the details of what you are going through because they understand  that you’re going through something and that’s enough. They’re all in.
  • They understand the importance of the little things

They get the value of the small things like dropping you a text to make sure you’re ok / haven’t been kidnapped. They get that the small act of letting someone know that you’re thinking of them can have a huge impact. If you do have some of these incredible people in your life, who refuse to be defined by their diagnosis, we suggest tagging them or just letting them know that they’re awesome.


We’d love to know if any of the above ring true for you or your loved ones or hear more about your experiences. Let us know in the comments! And as always feel free to sign up for a free card below. 

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  • Su on

    Wow, Cheeky Zebra! I’ve been going through some really tough stuff recently and your cards and this blog really makes me smile. I have found that some of my former work colleagues don’t get it so I have found other ‘real’ friends who do and guess what? Whatever I’m going through; we still have a laugh and support each other. Thank you for reminding me that I have some good people in my life.

  • Sophie on

    Love this. Very true, well written. You’re cards always make me smile ? keep up the good work x

  • Layla on

    Funny and touching, makes me want to go to my local depression support group and make friends. Great post ?

  • Eleanor on

    Word for word is precise and spot on….. Couldn’t have put it into words any better.. Thank you ❤ xx

  • Sasha Gupta on

    Hi both, I just wanted to say thank you so much taking the time out to share. It was really important to us to handle this the right way and your comments genuinely mean the world xxxxxx

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