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Hangover, kebab and world domination!

I am writing this newsletter in bed with a hangover! It was the second instalment of my friend’s big fat Indian wedding, it was fun, I got dressed up, drank way too much and woke up next to a kebab. Love that for me. If you follow us on Insta you would have seen most of this shit show develop in real time 😂🙈. I sometimes panic that I share too much, but ultimately, we’re all about keeping real and unfortunately, my real self is an absolute shambles but hopefully, that’s OK and you’re here for all the madness.

In other news, the quest for world domination continues. I feel really focused at the moment, I can’t lie taking a little break from all things romance has definitely helped on the focus front *insert awkward laughing emoji*. I don’t know, but it’s like something in my brain has shifted and it feels like now really is the time to power through and see what we can make happen! I’m not sure if you feel it too but it feels like we’re finally starting to hit our growth era which is super exciting but also y’know terrifying.

It means going ahead with our first non-family member-actual-paid person hire and getting busy with all the new product development! If I’m honest it’s been long overdue. I think it’s partly a slow process because I only want to put out the best stuff that I myself would be proud to own but also, I’ve had a lot of fear around what if I can’t do it, what if I can’t get us to where I want us to be and then if I do, what if it everything implodes and I can’t handle it etc.

But as Nani and my Mum pointed out, I’ll regret never going for it and finding out! Also, Nani always says “you can do whatever when you put your mind to it”. It’s cliché but she’s right. So, here’s to going for it, for all of us! That scary dream, pushing forward when something is hard, taking swimming lessons, learning something new, taking that risk because ultimately if we don’t force ourselves to believe it’s possible or at least try we’re doing ourselves a disservice. And ultimately, we’re better than that we deserve all the best and to really be the bravest most fierce versions of ourselves with all the messy glory that comes with it! 

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