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Covid, 50,000 envelopes and a delusional CEO...

Ok so it's 2021, Covid took over and everyone's panic buying toilet paper! Amidst this madness, my envelope supplier hinted at a shortage from China. Our Valentine’s day orders were flying! Mainly because everywhere else was closed, but still! 😂🙈

Naturally, I decided to take this potential envelope famine very seriously and panic bought all 50,000 envelopes our supplier had in stock 🙃

Suddenly, two gigantic lorries appeared. Like, actual lorries. My bedroom became a storage unit, the sweatshop overflowed and Grandad considered disowning me. The thought of sneaking out in the middle of the night and dumping them in random bins crossed my mind. More than once.

I used to update progress on Instagram regularly, but genuinely stopped due to the sheer fear they’d never be gone!! But, the time has come!! Drum roll please! After 2 years of hustle, endless Tiktoks, reels and that questionable Instagram live… we’re officially down to our last 4,500 envelopes!! Just 36 boxes left!!! 📦📦🎉🎉🎉

I should probably order some more tbh... 😂🙃👀

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