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A letter to my best friend's Dad

So, I don’t tend to mention my Dad on here. My parents divorced when I was younger, and he wasn’t an active part of my life. No shade, just y’know, life!

My best friend’s Dad, however, was the best example of what a great Dad looks like. I used to find their relationship so cute! She’d insist on wearing his t-shirt when she’d sleep over, ffs! They take the mick out of each other constantly, but it’s always fun to watch! He even built her a log cabin in the garden so we could have our own space for sleepovers! He can fix literally everything, and I still ask him to reach things for me at the gym!

He's a great reminder that Dad figures can come in all different forms. He really is the epitome of a “textbook” Dad! He loves golf, beer, and taking the piss! He’s basically where I realised that Dads are often also grumpy bank accounts, and he’s the inspiration for 80% of our Father’s Day cards!

So, here’s to all the grumpy Dads and Dad figures out there! You’re appreciated and might have more impact than you know💙

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