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Employee of the Year - who do you choose? 👀

I’ve clearly lost my mind but after endless grumbles about continuously electing myself employee of the month 🙄, I’ve decided to leave the Employee of the Year up to you. So, here’s a quick round up of the candidates 🎉

First up Mum. She’s chief spellcheck and sass. She’s tough love, emotional support and the reason I haven’t quit. However, she recently buggered off on holiday (during our peak season) and sent daily photos of one of our mugs living its best life on a beach.

Second up Auntie: operational powerhouse, zero tolerance for my nonsense and the reason our mugs are packed within an inch of their lives. Known for not showing her face, her iconic zebra print leggings and being furious when I threw up on the new sofa after the infamous Mother’s Day live.

Then we have Nani, 72 years young, has her own Instagram fan page and is an elite mix of sweet and savage. Packs tthe majority of our cards, works next to a calendar of her face and wears a minimum of three layers. Plays solitaire daily, she’s very wise and often tells me to stop being so miserable and believe in myself 😂😭😭.

Grandad, rocks a woolly hat, prints the cards daily and is the recipient of our monthly sales report. Recently had to deal with me panic buying 50k envelopes in lockdown, ordering a giant printer that didn’t fit and broke a door. Not to mention the new heat press I haven’t told him about yet 🫠🫠

Then finally Sasha, founder, CEO, best thing that ever happened to this sweatshop. Was recently abandoned over our busiest Christmas period and hand made over 300 mugs. Also led us to victory over Clintons and the flying rat. Suffers with Lucozade addiction, regularly embarrasses herself online and designs the best cards and mugs on the planet.

HOW TO VOTE: sign up to our email list, the vote email will go out on Thursday and winner will be announced on Boxing Day 🙌 

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