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I’m not made for activeness

Anyone else feel like it’s been a really long month this week?! We started the week with Diwali on Monday, it was really cute, Nani brought us all samosas and gulabjaman and then we lit candles and went to bed like the truly religious folk we are 😂 Then on Tuesday it was Auntie's actual birthday but I bailed after cake to go speed dating with my friend 🙈I feel the need to clarify I went as moral support in case secret / invisible boyfriend is reading this / actually exists.


We trekked all the way to Leicester only to be put in the basement. It was actually awful. There’s only so many times you can tell a guy you have no interests, other than food, and that you sell rude cards on the internet and exploit your grandma for a living. It was like bad bad, but my personal highlights were high cholesterol man, who seemingly told all of his dates that he was in fact worried about his cholesterol and YouTube guy who spend the whole time telling me he’s a really big deal and that I really should have heard of him.


Somewhere in the midst of this week we figured out an affordable tracked express shipping option to compensate for the Royal Mail strikes 🎉🎉 Whilst this is amazing it means I now I have to get up super fucking early to get those orders done and to the small Tesco before 10am. Which means we basically all run around the house screaming at each other until then. Also the Tesco car park terrifies me and if you’ve seen my parking online you’ll know it should probably terrify their customers. Turns out I invented my own parking spot there the other day because I basically panicked and decided it was best to just stay put for all involved.


Then on Thursday brother forced me to go rock climbing and now it’s Friday and am lying in a heap wondering how other people manage to be so active all the time. Could never be me! Hope you’ve had a good week and thanks for listening to me ramble ♥️

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