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Nani for PM

So Lizz is now our shortest serving PM. I think there was one who lasted a bit less, but in his defence, I think he like died or something?! I asked Nani if she fancied the job and she said “we’ll see” but she was playing solitaire at the time so who knows. Never good to ask her anything when she’s solitaire-ing or reading MSN news tbh. That’s where she gets all her gossip by the way. Also, she won’t ever admit this, but I’m 99% sure the reason she’s so addicted to solitaire is because she’s beaten grandad’s high score and wants to keep it that way.

I’m quite taken with the idea of her as Prime Minister to be honest, she’s engaging (when she wants to be) and I feel like she’s got a solid understanding of life. I asked if she had any life advice on our Instagram stories yesterday and she basically said “don’t be miserable and have fun”. Seems pretty solid to me.

What else has been going on this week? Tiktok threatened to shut down our account over a misunderstanding of some hand drawn boobs and their nudity policy. All sorted now, but that was fun i.e. had a total meltdown because it’s like 40% of our sales at the moment!

I went out with our business BFF Dhillan last night. Promised myself I’d only have one drink and try and eat well, as I’ve basically been on a three week emotional eating binge 💁🏽‍♀️🙈. Like to the point the kebab shop have starting sending food with weird post it notes. The last one said “keep being you”. Anyways, back to Dhillan, obviously that turned into a massive cheese burger, cheese and bacon fries and me pissed after a rum cocktail in a glass as big as my head! Woke up to some awful content of me rambling about going to sleep in some bread. So yeah, love that for me! Hope you’ve had a lovely week and let me know if we have your support for Nani as PM?

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