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Heartbreak and stealing your ideas!

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been referring to my secret/invisible boyfriend for about a year now. Spoiler: he’s real and we broke up. 😭😭 It was one of those grim wrong-timing situations and we couldn't find  a way to continue that worked for both of us. I annoyingly don't hate him and genuinely wish him all the best. I almost rather he cheated or something so we could all collectively set fire to his house 🙃.

This week has been pretty brutal tbh, but there has been some iconic moments. Personal highlights included crying so much I covered mum’s pyjamas in so much snot she had to get changed twice. 🙈 Telling Nani the whole story whilst she listened and said “I’m so sorry, now pass me the envelopes” 😂. Literally, that was it. No nonsense, these things happen back to work.

Anyways, I’ve decided to do what all great future billionaires would do and push all this energy into global card domination and become an even more iconic version of myself 🙌. The annoying thing about having a family sweatshop of strong badass women is that they don’t leave you much space to mope. It’s very much a “ok, but we’ve got shit to do” type culture 😎. Which is probably best for my long-term health but infuriating all the same! 

They did give me the morning off to be fair, but only the morning mind, then back to making mugs! Speaking of which, we had a genius custom mug order. This girl started a new job and ordered one with her name and tea order on the front 👏 Naturally, I intend to rip this off immediately but to be fair, you’ve been ordering them as customs off your own back. Someone ordered 4 yesterday but added everyone’s McDonald’s order on the front because they all get Maccies regularly! I wouldn’t mind working there to be honest, I feel like they would have at least given me the full day off and two double cheeseburgers 🙃.

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