Welcome! We started Cheeky Zebra because we wanted to make the cards that we'd like to receive in all their sarcastic glory! We wanted to show love in a way that felt honest and legit.

It's also really important to us to make genuine cards for the not so shiny times in recognition of the fact that life isn't all unicorns and takeaway and sometimes Hallmark doesn't quite cut it. 

Since we started it's become about more than just the cards and we've been honoured to build a small community of kind souls with a sense of humour. Our big crazy goal is to become the universal slouch wear of the card world helping people spread love in a fun and real way.

We pour a load of care into our cards and really hope you like them! If you have any questions at all please get in touch here or drop Sasha an email at sasha@cheekyzebra.com

Also if you would like to join our little community please sign up for our newsletter and your free card or find us on Instagram @cheekyzebradotcom where we post sarcastic and occasionally empowering memes.