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A quick New Year update!

Happy New Year! If you follow us on Insta, you'll know I'm coming off a landslide defeat for our 2022 Employee of the Year because you decided to award it to my 72-year-old Nani instead. Admittedly, she packs most of our cards for free, but I don’t see how that’s relevant!

Family sweatshop aside, I’m determined to make this a huge year for us in our pursuit of global card domination and have some exciting things planned for you all! Including but not limited to, the launch of our birthday and occasion reminder service, the best Valentine’s Day range we’ve ever done and more new products!

 Last year, we launched mugs and jumpers and this year we’re hoping to add a whole host of other gems courtesy of the 60kg heat press we’ve just invested in that I am hoping will allow us to finally launch our long-awaited sassy notebooks of dreams but first I need to figure out how to you use it! Oh, and I will figure out shipping to Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand if it kills me! Anyways, enough about us, I hope your new year is off to a cracking start and kicks off with a lottery win or at the very least finding a random £5!

 Thank you for continuing to be with us on this journey and here’s to us achieving global domination and or defeating our new nemesis Moonpig (aka Space Bacon) once and for all 🙌.


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