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Fighting the stigma around mental health issues is really important to me so when I got the opportunity to team up with local mental health charities for their Chillville event in Derby I was HYPED!  

They approached Chillville as a celebration of World Mental Health Day which I really liked. It was all about raising awareness and encouraging people to try new creative outlets. It was mad! They had load of things going from African drumming workshops, live performances and all the rainbow cake.  

I wanted to find a way to chip in that was Cheeky Zebra-y but also contributed to the purpose of the event. I decided to challenge people to design cards that they would like to receive if they were going through a rough patch. If I''m really honest, I wasn't expecting much but the response was overwhelming and loads of people got involved! Which was brilliant, but then it wasn't because I had to pick one and they were all genuinely really good!  

The winning design came from the INCREDIBLE Kate MacArthur it stood out as a reminder to be kind yourself. Kate has had some experience with mental health issues and leads amazing workshops helping people create their own journals full of things that make them happy. 

You can see Kate with her card above! I'm selling it on the website and 50p of each card sold will go to Derby Steps, which is local branch of national mental health charity Rethink. I chose this charity because they really helped Kate and loads of others in Derby including my Mum who has bipolar. You can buy it here


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