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5 things that happen when your office is above your grandparents business: ⁣

1. Your Nan will have a can of Pepsi max and hot water bottle ready for you for every morning and you’ll stop feeling guilty about it pretty quickly 🤷🏽‍♀️♥️⁣

2. You’ll be busy and your grandad will interrupt with something urgent. Turns out he wants you to design him new business cards immediately. Also you’ll have to redo them twice because he says your aeroplane looks more like a shark 🦈⁣

3. You will go downstairs and catch your Nani showing her customers your old school photos and explaining that you’re the same person they just can’t recognise you because you’re a lot fatter now 👍🏽⁣

4. You spend your lunch time watching neighbours or home away (still not sure which is which) but your Nan is obsessed and talks about them like they’re real people she knows. 📺 ⁣

5. They’ll do your absolute head in but you wouldn’t move offices if someone paid you. ⁣


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