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5 gifts for the crazy cat lady in your life*

cat lover gift ideas

It's a bit awkward because you'd think we'd be obsessed with zebras but it was the only domain name left on Google and we actually prefer cats! It's not that we have anything against Zebras; we just don't really know any personally.... Anyway, with that in mind, we decided to do a quick round up of 5 of the best gift ideas for cat lovers. Here goes it...

  1. Starting off strong and competitive with the Funny Cat Mug, £9.99 from the awesome Love Mugs UK available here. We did also think about having this for parents with a photo of their kid but apparently that's irresponsible parenting. funny cat mug

  2. We’re a bit obsessed with this Cat Collar Shirt from Shein and if it’s still available you can buy it here for £9.91. We do appreciate that it does sort of look like there’s a cat choking you but if we’re honest we’re ok with that…

cat collar shirt


3. Third up is this Cat Greeting Card, because who doesn’t want to sleep all day whilst someone else feeds them. Full disclosure, this card is one of ours and is available here for £3.50, we can also hand write your message and send it directly to the recipient free of charge (#just saying).




4. Next up is this quirky cat necklace from Little Moose for £19.95 available     here. We would like to point out that they do also sell this design as earrings and a ring which are all cute individually but the model on their site is wearing them all at once and looks bat sh*t cray.  
cat necklace
5. Finally we decided to ramp things up with this Semi Aggressive Jumper from Shirtbox for £20.99 which is available here.

funny cat jumper

As always, we’d love to know your thoughts on the above.  Would you wear the jumper outside of the house and secondly, would you brave it to work?! Do we have horrible taste?! Let us know in the comments. Oh, and if you fancy, you can also sign up to our newsletter below to claim a free card with your first order.
 funny greeting cards

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